Monday, December 3, 2007

The Science of Getting Rich Online

I began to develop an interest to earn through internet after I fail to get a proper job based on my degree. It really has been a tough and painful journey for me. And the first job I get as a substitute teacher was I got from the pity of other person but I grateful for that. Then I land a job at a call centre for three months before my contract end and today after almost three works of out of job, I know I really need to find other means to find money. With not much money at hand and a lot of money to use, I began to do a research how to earn through internet.

At first I was really into it and has end up buying stuff that I regret at the end. But through my endeavors to find information on how to earn in internet, I get through the ebook that accidentally I came across and began to be a member since and have even read the ebook that was given. But at first I wasn’t really interest because it is a very long e-book around 50 pages because I want to find the way, the easy way but soon I find out, dear, no easy way to earn in internet before you gain good knowledge about what you want to do and how you want to get profit from it. I regret that I do not read this ebook when I first come across to it and only download the e-book for the sake of having it only. The manual or the e-book is

The science of Getting Rich was written by Gauher Chaudhry.

In this manual / e-book Mr. Chaudhry share his experiences on internet marketing for almost a decade and the problems that we encounter that almost of us forget.

The Science of Getting Rich online by Gauher Chaudry is about Traffic Generation

Making money on the Internet can be easy if you understand Traffic monetization. The person with the most traffic wins almost every time. (Quote for the book)

You need to understand the rule on how to monetize on the internet. Rule no 1 ( usually the no 1 is the most basic rule and when the no. 1 rule is fully understandable, there isn’t be much problems for you to get through the next rule.

Rule #1: Understand How to Create Traffic Before You Can Monetize it

You need to always remember that the foundation of internet is traffic, traffic and more traffic.

(Quote from the manual)

So what is the scientific formula to online success?

Traffic + Conversions = Profits

It is quite simple actually.

Don’t stress too much about making a ton of money off the start. First create the traffic

sources that you can control and then you can work on making money from that traffic.

I am not guru to tell you all about this, but you can get this manual by downloading this e-book in here.

Gauher Chaudry also covers on how you can build a traffic, but it requires a hard work and if you want to know more, then click me.